Why Exhibit

The only event where you will meet perioperative leaders and decision-makers.

Each year perioperative leaders join us to find the resources, tools, and peers who offer unique, fresh perspectives and approaches to perioperative management for Hospitals, ASCs, PACUs and Sterile Processing Departments.

For our sponsors and partners, OR Manager Conference provides a forum for showcasing the latest technology, products, and services available and a space to foster business relationships.

The most relevant conference for OR leaders.”

It is a great conference to interact with vendors to learn more about their products.”

Leaders plan to address these challenges & integrate these programs in 2024:

  • AI/Technology
  • Staffing/Recruitment
  • Service Line Growth/Expansion
  • Block Utilization
  • Team Communication/DEI
  • Wellness/Well-being
  • Career Growth/Training/Certification
  • Efficiencies/Optimizations/Process Improvement
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Sterile Processing
  • Cost Containment
  • Throughput
  • Team Engagement

Key Statistics:

100% of 2023 attendees agreed that looking for solutions and building relationships with the companies that provide them are important.

92% of attendees are manager-level or above.

86% of attendees are directly involved in the decision-making process for purchases at their facilities.

75% of OR leaders find the connections made at OR Manager Conference are unique to this event.


Regular RateCorner Charge
$40 per sqft$200 per corner

“It is a very effective conference with many opportunities to connect with new and old customers.”

– 2023 OR Manager Conference Exhibitor


Increase your visibility among 2024 attendees! Exhibitor listing upgrades allow you to be seen first by attendees, showcase promotional or educational collateral, highlight customer success stories, and more.

Visionary Exhibitor Listing
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Premier Exhibitor Listing
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Pre or Post Show Email Blast Program Guide Print Ad Mobile App Alert Event Website Banner Ads
$3,200$1,800 to $2,500$850$3,500
Drive awareness of your booth presence, prime attendees for what to expect, generate leads, and remind attendees what great products and solutions you have to offer!Put your company’s message in the hand of every attendee via a program guide print ad which will be distributed to all attendees when they arrive at the show! A full-page ad is $1,800, inside front cover is $2,200, inside back cover is $2,200, and back cover is $2,500. Send a push notification to everyone who has downloaded the mobile app! You provide the copy and the action (i.e. Visit our booth, check out our website, etc.), and we’ll make sure everyone gets your message while at the show and drive traffic to your booth. Mobile app notifications are limited to 200 characters including spaces.Prominently display your 728×90 banner ad on our event website! Get your banner ad activated for 3 months prior to the show. Encourage attendees to visit the URL of your choice.


April Bruffy
Account Executive