Justification Kit

The OR Manager Conference, ASC Leader Summit and PACU Manager Summit are career developing resources that provide you with the tools to propel your career, make your facility more safe and efficient and hone your leadership skills. Network with other perioperative leaders, build industry relationships, share your challenges, and take some time for yourself – have some fun!

Obviously the OR Manager team thinks that the OR Manager Conference, ASC Leader Summit and PACU Manager Summit are amazing, but don’t just take our word for it.

Take a look at a few of the comments we received from attendees from the OR Manager Conference On Demand.

I enjoyed the live presentations. The live networking and games were fun. Interactive presentations were the highlights that I enjoyed.

– Perioperative Services Director, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

i loved that I could view many more sessions than one per time frame. This gave me a chance to view all of them, it was great.

– CNE, UPMC Pinnacle

The virtual networking events were innovative and fun, speaker content was amazing as always.

– Perioperative Clinical Leader, UF Health

I appreciated the chance to learn from others. Also really thought that OR Manager did a nice job with making it feel like a conference – the food delivery, extra events, etc. all helped immerse in the experience.

– Perioperative Lead

I liked having a virtual conference because I could set aside time to watch sessions when it was convenient for me. I really enjoyed the keynote speakers and they had wonderful insight, I could pause or rewind if needed so I didn’t miss anything.

– Director of Surgical Services, HCA Healthcare
Where do OR Manager Conference and PACU Manager Summit attendees work?

It doesn’t matter what type of facility you are employed. 
You will be in good company at the OR Manager Conference, ASC Leader Summit and PACU Manager Summit.

There are representatives from solution partners in every corner of the OR, ASC and PACU, providing you with the tools to provide safe and efficient patient care.